Coyotes respond well to a variety of distress calls that work well for other predators such as cotton tail and jack rabbit distress cries, but they can also be called in using a unique type of call called a howler. Coyote howlers are generally larger calls with longer reeds that allow you to create all the vocalizations that coyotes make.

Calling coyotes with howlers can help you find coyotes quicker because it is easy to get them to give up their location by howling at them. Coyotes can not only be located with howlers, they can also be called in using challenge howls, female in heat howls, and pup howls and whines. Combine one of the great howlers we offer with a distress call and you’ll have the perfect package for calling in coyotes any time of the year.

Calling Coyotes will Coyote Calls

Calling in Wolves with Coyote Howlers

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