Selecting & Using Wolf Calls

Calling in wolves is one of the most effective tactics for hunting wolves. Choosing the right wolf call can make the difference between coming home empty handed, or calling in a wolf. If you’ve never hunted wolves before and would like to learn how to call wolves, or if you have been hunting wolves without much success, the following set of articles will help you select the best wolf call for your wolf hunt.

The following articles discuss:

• Effective types of wolf calls
• How to use each type wolf call
• When to use each type wolf call
• Calls we recommended & where you can find them

The wolf calls covered are:

• Rabbit Distress Calls
• Elk and Deer Calls
• Coyote Howlers
• Wolf Howlers

Comparison of Best Wolf Howlers


This article compares the two best wolf howlers currently on the market for hunting wolves: the Wolf Howler Wolf Call by ELK INC. and the Wolf Pack Calling System, featuring the Alpha Howler, by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls. Both are … Continue reading

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Calling in Wolves with Coyote Howlers


Wolves absolutely hate coyotes. Wolves are extremely territorial and are highly aggressive to any coyotes that set foot in their territory. When used correctly the barks, yips, and howls of a coyote can bring an entire of pack of wolves … Continue reading

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Calling Wolves with Rabbit Distress Calls


If you’ve called coyotes or bobcats, you probably already have one of these calls. Cottontail, Snowshoe, and Jack rabbit distress calls also work well for calling in wolves. Even though a rabbit might not be much of a meal for … Continue reading

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