The Ultimate Wolf Howler for Calling Wolves

Bugling Bull Wolf Howler

Hunt is proud to offer the Alpha Howler from Bugling Bull game calls. This is hands down the best wolf howler available. Unlike many simple howlers on the web that were modeled after coyote howlers, the Alpha Howler was built from the ground up to produce the deep, eerie howls of a wolf. It is also the first Wolf Howler to include an adjustable tone selector allowing you to create every sound a wolf can make including howls barks, yips and whines. Itís the only wolf howler we use at, and the only one we endorse using for your own hunts.


Manufacturer: Bugling Bull Game Calls, LLC

Model:#407-Wolf Pack Calling System

Weight: 11oz

Bonus : Free Distress Call ($12 Value)
Bonus Distress Call

For a limited time, when you order a Howler, we'll throw in a distemper predator call for free. This open reed distress call creates the distressed cries of a variety of small game including Jack Rabbits, Cottontails, or small rodents to lure in wolves, coyotes, and other hungry predators. Combine this with the Alpha Howler, and you'll have everything you need to call in a hungry wolf.

What Others are Saying About the Alpha Howler

Iíve had my howler for about a week now and itís great. Super simple to use and produces a wide range of sounds. The tone selector makes it really easy to switch from a deep howl to high pitched yip or bark. I havenít got a chance to take it hunting yet, but I have no doubt it will get the job done

-Larry Pasco, Mountain Home, ID

This howler was a little bigger than Iím used to with coyote howlers, but after blowing on it the first time and hearing the deep, realistic howls if produces Iím fine with the extra size. The big barrel also allows this call to be really loud. No wolves yet, but it sure drives the dogs in my neighborhood crazy.

- Jared Hanson, Bozeman, MT

I live close to Yellowstone and got a chance to use one of these howlers on a local wolf pack. Immediately after the first howl, wolves in the area started responding. It was one of the most eerie, but amazing experiences Iíve ever had. It was close to dusk and I exchanged howls back and forth with the pack for 10-15 minutes before it got too dark to see. I donít hunt, but I plan on useing this howler again so I can get up-close photographs of wolves.

-Jennifer Kopps, Livingston , MT