Comparison of Best Wolf Howlers

This article compares the two best wolf howlers currently on the market for hunting wolves.
The Wolf Howler Wolf Call by E.L.K Inc and
The Alpha Howler, by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

Both are great howlers that have proven to be effective for calling in wolves, but they each have unique features which will appeal to different hunters. This article will compare and contrast each howler and will hopefully help you decide which one is more deserving of your money.

Form Factor

Product Name Wolf Howler Wolf Call Alpha Howler
Manufacturer E.L.K. Inc. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls
Girth at the widest point 7 ¾” 11 ¾”
Dimensions L” x H” 14” x 3” 15” x 5”
Weight 6.5 ounces 7 ounces


Product Name Wolf Howler Wolf Call Alpha Howler
Durability 5 out of 5 4 out of 5

The Wolf Howler Wolf Call from ELK Inc., with the exception of the rubber protective mouthpiece cover, is one solid piece of hard plastic. It is a well made, extremely durable call. The power latex band used with the call will need to be replaced eventually, but the call comes equipped with 3 bands total. You can find extra power latex bands available for purchase in the store.

The Alpha Howler from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls has several parts. The barrel and adjustable tone selector are molded, soft plastic. This call includes a rubber mouthpiece cover over the reeds and also has an additional cap to further protect the reeds.  The reeds may need to be replaced as the call ages for sound quality. You may purchase an extra reed set in the store.

Sound Quality

Product Name Wolf Howler Wolf Call Alpha Howler
Sound Quality 5 out of 5 3 out of 5
Sounds that can be produced

  • Lonesome howls
  • K-9 distress calls
  • Barks
  • Yips
  • Whine

  • Lonesome howls

The ELK Inc. Wolf Howler Wolf Call creates the widest variety of wolf vocalizations and hands down creates the most realistic sounding wolf howls.

The Alpha Howler by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls can create consistent, repeatable wolf howls. The Alpha Howler features the first of its kind adjustable tone selector to vary the volume and tone of the call. It won't create the same range of vocalizations as the ELK Inc. Wolf Howler, but the user will be able to create a deep, eerie howl that has been proven to locate and call in wolves.

Ease of Use

Product Name Wolf Howler Wolf Call Alpha Howler
Ease of use 3 out of 5 5 out of 5

The Wolf Howler Wolf Call by E.L.K. Inc. is the first of its kind. This call uses white power latex bands to help you produce different types of wolf calls. To produce the many wolf vocalizations the Wolf Howler Wolf Call is capable of, users should expect to spend several hours practicing before they can master the call.

The Alpha Howler is an open reed call. Users of the Alpha Howler can expect to spend 10-15 minutes practicing and be able to create a deep, eerie howl.

Bottom Line

In summary, both are great howlers. The ELK Inc. Wolf Howler Wolf Call is capable of creating more realistic howls and a wider range of vocalizations. It is also smaller to pack and more durable. However, the Wolf Pack Calling System is easy to use and does not require a lot of time to figure out how to make the call work. Depending on your experience level and time available to practice, your preference may vary, but either way both calls are good choices to increase your odds of calling in a wolf.

Wolf Howler Field Test

This past fall [] gave me the opportunity to test two new wolf howlers that they sell through their website, I was particularly interested in these new howlers since I have had success howling in wolves by mouth in the past. The two howlers I was interested in are the ‘Alpha Howler,’ manufactured by Bugling Bull Game Calls LLC, and the excellent Wolf Howler, wolf call manufactured by E.L.K. Inc.

As it turned out I really got to put both calls to the test. I spent a total of 42- days guiding hunters in some of the most remote country the Yukon Territory has to offer. These calls are tough! I carried both howlers in my pack every day, and they worked flawlessly every time.

I found the Alpha Howler very easy to use, and the adjustable tone selector made it easy for me to change things up depending on the situation. I really appreciated the open reed design of this call later in the season. I had no problems with this howler freezing, even in temperatures well below 32 degrees.

While the Wolf Howler by E.L.K. Inc. did take some practice; once I had it mastered, it quickly became my hands down favorite wolf call of all time. This call is simply amazing. With practice long lonesome howls, whines, and barks are easy. I took my first wolf of the season with this call. Late one afternoon as we were returning to camp in the Argo, we spooked an unusually light colored wolf out of a small clearing. With no time to really get set up properly, I pulled the E.L.K. Inc. Howler out of my pack and let a series of low howls drift through the trees. Less than 10-minutes later we spotted movement in a small clearing 200- yards away. The big canine was coming to us on a string. A short bark from the call stopped it long enough for me to settle the crosshairs on the chest. Since the wolf population in the area is so high, I was happy to find it was a beautiful adult female. No doubt this wolf was part of the pack that was in the area. She was likely out scouting for game and thought my howls were wolves from her pack.

The bottom line is that anyone serious about hunting wolves needs to take a look at these two new howlers. They quickly became the most important tool in my wolf hunting toolbox.

David O’Farrell Professional guide & outfitter Yukon Territory

Now the hard part... Picking one

The Alpha Howler Wolf Call
by Bugling Bull Game Calls
$48.95 $38.95

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